Eyelashes for cars – Special Offer – ONLY £10

Eyelashes for cars – Special Offer – ONLY £10

These Translucent – Eyelashes for cars are an end of line SPECIAL OFFER.

They were originally sold for £24.95 as “Glow in the dark” lashes
but they seem to have weakened their night time glow.

The colour is translucent (a pale white)

Very limited stock so grab a bargain while you can


We believe they are the best quality and designed

Eyelashes for cars in the world …

Try to prove us wrong ! 


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Car lashes and car eyelashes

Some people get very confused when searching for Carlashes / eyelashes for car headlights and we are not surprised!

All the pictures from all the different companies look very appealing but in reality the actual car eyelashes that you receive can be wildly different from the images they have shown. There are basically only two kinds of car eyelashes, the pre curved, injection moulded ones from companies like Eyelashes-for-cars.com  and carlashes.com and then there are the rest which are total rubbish and only last a few months at the most then look like a bad hair day. 

The problem is that many (not all) companies selling the rubbish car lashes are using stolen pictures of the beautiful pre curved and strong lashes (that last for years and years and can be transferred to another car buy just ordering some extra double side tape) 

The rubbish car lashes come flat and you have to curl the thin. flat lashes with two chop sticks or pencils…  not easy to get them all to look the same…

Chinese car lashes  cheap car eyelashes 102

These rip of companies also charge between $5 to $20 per set….  which is outrageous to say the least.

The very best quality by far are EYELASHES FOR CARS based in the UK and ship worldwide
Available in 5 colours BLACK – PINK – WHITE – GOLD – SILVER

car eyelashes on peugeot 206

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Car lashes available on Amazon and ebay

There are many variations of Car eyelashes or eyelashes for cars depending on how you search online. The two main differences are between the REALLY STRONG pre curved “Eyelashes for cars” and the cheap and cheerful Chinese Carlashes copies being sold all over ebay and Amazon. The Real Eyelashes for car headlights are injection molded and last for years and years, they never lose their shape, even in very hot countries like Thailand. 

Eyelashes for cars shop

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The problem with the cheap thin car lashes that you have to curl with two sticks is that they are very difficult to get the curls all even, they flap around and can even bend back at speed damaging the paintwork on your car..  Not to mention that they look like rubbish after a few weeks (if they are still on your car) LOL. 

So where can you buy the REAL and GENUINE “EYELASHES for CARS” 

Enter the Online SHOP Here

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Carlashes or Eyelashes for cars ?

So what is the difference or best lashes for your car? Carlashes or Eyelashes for cars  or the cheap and stupid looking flat flappy plastic car eyelashes – that is the question.  Well most people are now aware that the cheap car lashes are total rubbish and don’t last long at all. Carlashes are a US based company that have a good design and Eyelashes for cars (Europe) are the UK brand and are the best quality.

New year 2016 is the time to brighten up your auto with a totally new look. How about some PINK EYELASHES FOR YOUR CAR?  

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Car eyelashes Peugeot 1

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Eyelashes for cars – Ultimate pack – OFFER now ENDED

The special offer for the Eyelashes for cars ULTIMATE PACK ended on SEPT 30th

These car eyelashes are THE BEST IN THE WORLD not matter what you have heard from stupid people who run the CARLASHES website…

Eyelashes for cars (Europe) offer a 30 day money back guarantee because we know after several years of producing the best car eyelashes in the world … we never get any refunds.

Get the best and be happy.

OFFER PRICE was £40 (US$61.00)
till 30 the Sept 2015.

Normal price below

Where to buy car eyelashes

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Fiat 500 has had the same Eyelashes for cars for years

Just thought I’d let you know that my wife loves the eyelashes. They have been on her Fiat 500 for a several years now and still look great. One of her favorite presents ever.
> JB in Guernsey.

This is a new testimonial that came in today…. absolutely fantastic… The Eyelashes for cars have been on her Fiat 500 for several years.. WOW. We know they are the best in the world but the problem is that when people look at photos on websites when they are looking to purchase some Car Eyelashes they tend to go for the cheap thin lashes (made in China) and come in a flat envelope!!!

The cannot tell from the photos online as the companies selling the cheap carlashes use the pictures or the real and genuine Eyelashes for car headlights that they have copied from other websites.


Grey BMW car eyelashes


Pink and black car eyelashes


And BELOW ARE THE THIN CAR LASHES available for a few bucks allover the internet

Chinese car lashes  <<<<<<   If you get sent these, send them back and demand your money back they are absolutely useless and end up like this>>>>

cheap car eyelashes 102

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